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Colorful Led Hanging Ball

Colorful Led Hanging Ball
Unique design,modern led bar table---glowing,color changing,RF control,rechargeable


Rechargeable Multi-color changing LED furniture Led hanging ball lamp


This kind hanging lamp is good choice for hotel, home,pub,coffee house,etc. It work with led lighting,safe to use and save energy. Meanwhile, it's color changing, you can control the color by wireless remote control. To

be warm color or brightness color as your need.

1. Product size: Dia16cm/20cm/25cm/30cm/35cm/40cm/50cm/60cm
2. Cable length: 1.5meter/2meter/2.5meter/3meter/5meter(optional)
3. Light source: RGB or RGBW led lamps
4. Material: LLDPE
5.16 color changing + white color controlled by remote controller
6. Controller: RF controller.
7. Accessory: Remote controller, DC plug
8. Certification: CE, RoHS
9. Quality safe: 24months
10. Led Lifespan: 80000-100000hours
-PP+carton is normal packing
-1PCS led ball, 1PCS remote control,1pcs DC plug, 1pcs cable
-Packing size: Dia18......
Product safe warranty
-Use good quality raw material before producing
-Strict supervision when producing
-Sampling inspection after producing
-Product percent of pass: 99%
MIX order, sample or trial order are welcome~


If you have any questions or need to place order, please contact, thank you



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